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Welcome and thank you For your interest in New Hope Christian Academy!

Mission Statement
Our mission at New Hope Christian Academy is to serve Christian parents and their children by providing a high-quality, biblically-based educational and instructional program marked by academic excellence. It is our desire to promote and exhibit respect for the individual, respect for those in authority and personal service to our Lord Jesus Christ. we provide, based on Christian principles and beliefs, the teaching of and with love, compassion, tolerance and discernment. It is further our desire to cross socio-economic boundaries through a community based scholarship program.
New Hope Christian Academy exemplifies character-building through a Christ centered, loving and accepting atmosphere bathed in daily prayer, Bible reading study and memorization.
Students of New Hope Christian Academy will have a far-reaching impact on future generations that is rooted in a faith commitment to Jesus Christ and grounded in the truth of Scripture. They will be a christian influence in their world, develop integrity for leadership and be ready to lead their generation in the Christian walk.
New Hope Christian Academy is a college preparatory school. Each student will be treated as if they are fully expected to enroll in a university upon graduation. They will further come to recognize and develop their individual God-given talents. Students of NHCA are challenging acedemically, socially confident, and established spiritually in God's word.
Thursday, May 23rd will be the NHCA Awrds Program starting at 10am with a lunch following. Dismissal will be immediately after lunch. No evening program this year.
"And all the children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children"
- Isaiah 54:13
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